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Vallpineda is an urbanization created around the 60s, on horseback between Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes, and is one of those places that fall in love with those who know it.

The urbanization was born, as a result of the purchase of various lands to the farmers of Sitges and Ribes, (Corral d’En Roig, Coma d’En Segarra, Fondo d’En Jacas, etc.) by a businessman from Barcelona who saw the huge potential that the site had. After a short time of buying the land, a well of water with a flow of more than 100,000 liters / hour was discovered which is what currently supplies the site.

The initial project was expanded, with the purchase of more lands on the Sitges part slope, known as El Fondat, which later became the best area of ​​Vallpineda, for its excellent views over Sitges and the sea, as well as for the ease of access.

Since the beggining, the Vallpineda Urbanization had a Restaurant with a beautiful pool and a large children’s play area open to the public where many children from Sitges spent summer evenings playing cowboys in a replica of a fort  in wood, that was built there.

Over the years, the Consumption Cooperative of Vallpineda was created, an entity formed by the owners of the area and currently responsible for the management of the supply of drinking water, as well as for private safety, road cleaning and the garbage collection.

At the moment Vallpineda Sports Club is located in the center of the urbanization, with 6 tennis courts, 4 paddle courts, gymnasium, swimming pool with lawn area for sunbathing.
The Club continues to have the restaurant and there is a supermarket nearby.

Due to being the owner of property in the Urbanization, you are a member of the Vallpineda Sports Club.

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The beggining. Source: Cooperativa Vallpineda
The beggining. Source: Cooperativa Vallpineda
Aerial view.  Source: Cooperativa Vallpineda
Aerial view. Source: Cooperativa Vallpineda

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