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Want to sell your property?

We will show you how.

If you’ve decided to read this, we should assume that you are interested in selling your property. Fast and at the best price, right?

In another post on this website we explained what errors are the most common when selling a property. If you have not read it, we advise you to do so before continuing to reading this.
Have you read it? Well, now we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

When a private individual decides to call or go to a real estate agent to put his property on sale or to let, he does so by thinking of several factors:
The opinion of a certain agency or why someone has recommended it, the proximity to the property, etc.
But are you really willing to put your property into the hands of people who will not treat you or your property as it deserves? For real? Ok, it’s up to you.

Marketing a property is much more than putting a sign on the balcony or the front door or posting it on the internet. To do this, you do not need an agency, surely your brother-in-law knows much more than you, and it will be better for you  to follow his advice. And buy some lottery.  You’ll need it…

If you really want to sell your property, you have to do it in the best way. As you did when you bought it. With all the guarantees. Or did you buy it to a friend of your brother-in-law and it was a bargain?

Logically, first of all, you have to set a price. Who decides it? You or the professional? If you are very clear about the price you want to ask for, and you’re probably not in a hurry, don’t keep reading this. We can’t help you … Follow your brother-in-law’s knowledge.

But if on the contrary, you want to sell your apartment or house at a market price and in a correct time, welcome.

To start with, you have to ask the agency wich marketing plan will be used, with what objectives, and expose the terms of performance of each one. Your agent must tell you which objective methods will be used to evaluate your property and how, between both of you, you will find the correct sale price or rental. Then, the Real Estate Agent must visit your property and take note of all the pros and cons. Once this is done, you will meet with him, you will have a coffee, and he will explain what he thinks, what price is the correct and how does he plan to sell your property, specially he’ll detail all the other Agents in the area he will share your property with. That point is basic.  When you contract an Agent, make sure he works in collaboration with the best in the area. Then, he will set up a schedule of actions and he will have identified who the potential buyer is, and last but not least, he will explain what budget will be used to sell your house.

Yes, a budget, you’ve heard it right. Because selling a property by putting a sign on the balcony, your brother-in-law knows all about it, remember?

An agent involved in the sale of your property, will allocate quite a lot of HIS money to get the sale of YOUR property. It is our job, we’re professionals.

That is, if you want us to show you what we will do to sell your apartment, with real documentation and data, come and see us and we will have a coffee. And bring your brother-in-law too, maybe he’ll be interested in what he’ll see.

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