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Labor Consultants

Labor Consultants

Have you ever thought about the importance and repercussion for your company,  to leave the correct management of labor issues in the hands of qualified professionals?

From our Labor Department of Assessoria Farreras, we put at your disposal a wide team of expert professionals in advice to all types of companies, self-employed and professional, both in the Legal-Work and Social Security areas, with extensive knowledge in management of personnel, advising you and taking care for your company of everything concerning hiring, making payroll, negotiations with Social Security, collection of pensions, etc.

Farreras Labor consultancyOther areas within the Labor Advisory that our clients request us most,  is the judicial and administrative defense, regulation of employment, worker audit and prevention of labor risks. The benefits we offer for your company are mainly:

Preparation of disciplinary writings, instruction and resolution of contradictory files and formalization of other simple writings on permits, leave, promotions, resignations, etc.

Management of registrations, cancellations or variations of workers in the special regimes of self-employed workers, domestic employees, etc.

Assistance to the company before the organisms of the  of the Country  or Autonomic Administration.
Assistance and representation before the Work and Social Security Inspectorate, SMAC, TAMIB, Social Court,etc.
Study and formulation of appeals before the courts of the Social and Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction.         

Constitution of companies and opening of new work centers.

Advice and management of the hiring of workers (ordinary hiring, with bonus, incentive requests, etc.).
Control and notification of the expiration of work contracts.
Process of calculation of payroll and liquidations of workers.
Preparation of labor cost reports.
Preparation of lists of payroll transfers through credit institutions (bank remittances).
Process for calculating social security contribution bulletins
Processing of the parts of low, confirmation and discharge by Temporary Disability by telematic means.
Processing of Work Accident Parts

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