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Informative declaration of the cession of use of houses with tourist aims

The Model 179 of “Informative declaration of the cession of use of houses with tourist aims” has been approved.

In the Official Gazette (BOE) of May 30, 2018, Order HFP / 544/2018, of May 24, has been published, approving model 179, of “Quarterly informative declaration of the cession for use of housing for tourism purposes” and the conditions and procedure for its presentation are established.

The new model must be  fulfilled and presented by the persons and entities that provide the intermediation services between the owners and the tennants, for the use of housing for tourist purposes, whether for economic purposes or free of charge. Persons or entities constituted as collaborative platforms that intermediate in the cession of use and have the consideration of service providers of the information society (regardless of whether or not they provide the service object of intermediation or the imposition of conditions related to price, insurance, deadlines or others).

The model must be presented on a quarterly basis except in 2018, in which it will be annual.

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