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Condomunium Management

Condomunium Management

Condominium Management in Sitges.

Our company, from its beginnings, focused one of its activities within the real estate field in the Condominium Management in Sitges and surrounding towns.

We currently manage condominiums of all kinds: Commonwealths, with doormen and employees, Simple Communities, etc.
We provide all our clients with an agile and quality service, acting with the transparency, rigor and seriousness they deserve, providing value-added services such as our own Lawyers, Fiscal and Labor Advisers for all situations that require them.


The domination of several languages ​​of our employees, makes the relationship of communities with neighbors from other countries always easier and faster.

We provide an external service of the highest quality through prestigious local or county companies that are responsible for the repairs or maintenance of the buildings.

Our Insurance Brokerage is concerned that the Communities have the best possible coverage and at the best price.




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