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The most common mistakes when selling your property

The most common mistakes when selling your property

If you have arrived here, it is surely because you plan to sell your property. Congratulations! Or not …
Now we will explain the most common errors that are committed when a particular wants to sell his property:

The first and greatest mistake is to put a wrong price. 99% of the time, the owner overestimates his property, either because of emotional issues or by word of mouth he has heard in the street friends saying that prices are rising. And of course, as his property is better than others, then, come on!, let’s raise the price! This is a very serious mistake. A property out of price does not arouse interest, nor does it get visits,  and this is the main concern,  it doesn’t sell. You must know how to market a property in specialized portals, social networks, etc. And everything starts with the the right price. Because everything that is in price, IS SELLING. When a property is put in the market out of price, the contrary effect is originated: the property is “burned” on the net. You must realise that the buyers spend many hours surfing in the network and when they see for a long time the same property for sale, they lose all the interest. And if you are one of those who say, “I’m not in a hurry”, then do not sell. When you put it in  the market at the right price, you will sell it, so keep. calm…

Another mistake is hiding information. What you say to announce this property must be true. You can not hide things like debts to the community, problems in the building, things that do not work or are broken, etc. The buyer, for a strange magic art, always found out …

Go on sale without reform or with bad image. Surely, you have seen property photos on the network and have thought: “How can they announce something like that?” Well, even  it seems false, the person who has done so finds it the most normal thing in the world. One of the objectives of any advertisement, whatever it is, is to hit the buyer of the product and  wake in him a feeling of “I need this product.” So far, do you agree? Well, if you have to paint, do so, if you have to get rid of all those gizmos,  remove them. It is important to cause a good
image both in the photos, as well as in the client’s first visit.

Study the strengths of the property and put them in value. If the dining room is large (really big …), you have beautiful views, you can hear the birds singing from the bed, let them know! Nobody better than you knows your estate. Take advantage!

Advertise the property in a single media. Now that we have the right sale price, you have to spend time and money when announcing it correctly. You can not wait to hang only one poster on the balcony or advertise it in a single portal. By doing this, you will not wake up any purchase intent, on the contrary, you will have all the agencies of the world calling at your door every day. Are you ready for that? For this reason, we recommend that you contract an agency. Let them know how they are going to market your property, how they will offer it to their contacts (if they have any …), what sales estimate they have foreseen, what information they will give you and every when, etc. You have to ask what their marketing plan is and with which other agencies they work with. In this way, by contracting a single agency that represents you, you have the guarantee that your interests will be well-defended. If you like it, do not think about it for longer, sign up! By the way, have you seen our marketing plan …?

Beware of the “supermarket” vendors. These are agencies that have hundreds of properties. Why? Well, because they believe that by statistics, the more properties they have, more chances to sell one.  Error! Trust a Real Estate Agent that undertakes (in writing, just miss!) to market your property as if it was his, to put all its efforts, all its infrastructure and all its professionalism to achieve the final objective, the Sale of the property and your satisfaction. It’s pretty clear, right?

And if you’re not sure, we’ll tell you better here.

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